This is our time,This is our place.


I am just an old person trying to do something before I die,
I don’t know why I try.
It never seems like it is enough for you,
It doesn’t matter what I do.

I am sorry if I can not give you more,
But soon I will be out that door.
I know that I have done the best I can,
That’s why I have lived as a woman and not a man.

I have trusted in you as a friend,
I know you’ll be here till my end.
I also know that God is on my side,
I surely will need him when I die.

Thank you for allowing me to,
Do all the things that I do.
You have become part of me,
You have become my family.

Written by someone with an open heart,
By someone that’s trying not to fall apart.
Yes I am Bobbie Jean,
And I still have a dream.

One race,
Called the human race.
This is our time,
This is our place.

I would like to think you all for your support and friendship.

Miss Bobbie Jean.



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