Just My Point Of View!


I am feeling some-what better today, maybe I am getting my pain in some kind of order so I can deal with it. I know that I have to take them every two hour or so, or I will be dealing with the pain.
The thing here is I like to write, but when I take to much of the pain meds I can’t write because I can’t think. I am confused and all I want to do is pass out. I don’t need that, I want to be able to do something even if all I can do is write, at least there I feel that I am giving you something, it may not be much, but something is better then nothing. So many people sit there and all they do is wait for someone else to do it, then they jump on board, I don’t want to be like that, I need to create my own stuff. Things like my photos, anyone can just load them, not me, I want to put them in a frame or add something to them. It makes it my own photo that no one else has. At the same time I write on it to make the photo have a meaning. I love what I do and I do it for you, hoping that you may get something out of what I have written. I feel that God has given me this gift and has allowed me the time to write what I need to write, not knowing if it is good or not.
That is all we can do in this life of ours, try to do or be the best we can be. When you do that it makes you feel better about yourself and the person you help will feel better because of your help. Don’t be afraid to help someone, it is the right thing to do.
I hope that your days are blessed and full of happiness, because I try to live that way, even with all the pain I have to deal with, I still try to find some kind of happiness in my life. My happiness today and every day is that soon I will be sitting next to my Lord and Master. He is helping me to get ready for my new life with him in Heaven, and I know I will be there for God has shown me the way. To be kind, understanding, loving, and joyful. Those are the things that one most do to get into Heaven, so that is how I have lived my life, Have you lived this way?

My point of view here is that only you can be the best you, that you can be, so do it.

Written by Someone with a dream, written by Miss Bobbie Jean.


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