My courage to face the unknown comes from down deep inside me. Somewhere down in my soul, I can feel Gods love for me and I also feel that he knows what he is doing, so keeping me here is for a reason. What-ever his reasoning is, I am honored to be part of it. I trust in my Lord, not to harm me in anyway.
I pray to you on Lord for forgiveness of my sins, and I have sinned. I never ask for more then I need and I don’t need much. I know that I have no right to ask for anything, because of my sins, but who really does have the right for we all have sinned, I’m sure about that.
Gods gives me all I need right now, because what I need I can not find here on earth, it only comes from Heaven. When I think about God all my fears seem to go away. I find comfort when I am talking to God, and he never walks away.

God is good
God is love
God is awesome
God is great
God is power
God is kindness
God is holy
God is understanding,

But most of all God is our Lord and Father. There are so many ways that God is, I couldn’t write all of them if I tried too. All I know that God is here for me, even with my pain, I can understand that there is a reason for it. It my not be to teach me anything, but it might be for someone else out there, maybe even you.

Have a great night and know that God is holding you tight.

With love from Miss Bobbie Jean.


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