Hoping that your life is well and maybe just some of your dreams are coming true for you. I am feel some-what better today, my foot is not hurting as bad. I am sure that sometimes you get tried of reading about my pains, well sometimes I am tried of dealing with my pains. I use this place as I would my diary and I write about my life here as a transwoman. Life here has not been an easy one for anyone like me. When I came out here there was no one else. Then there were a few Mexicans that had a party, but after that they to were gone. I found a little bar that allowed me to go to and I had a chance to dance and have some fun, but I had to always be attentive of everything that happened around me. At any time some one could walk in and start some carp. I found that I had some friends there, so I guest I had my little time out in the public. I worked as a woman and I never stop trying to be the best damn woman I could be. Sure it cost-ed me a lot, not just in money either, but I did it. I lived and with the grace of God, I am still breathing here on earth. I have learned that being who I am, comes from inside of me not the outside. It does not matter what you look like or what you wear, you are you inside. It does not matter what I see in my mirror, it’s about what I feel in my heart that counts. I see me, a woman with a light that shines from the Heavens above, A light that will never go out for me. I believe in God and I know that he is by my side. One can not go wrong, if one can see God on his throne.

As a woman born from a man, I say to you, just be the best you can.

Miss Bobbie Jean


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