Good morning everyone.

Good morning everyone.
Sometimes I may post something that you don’t understand and you are afraid to say anything. Well I do sometimes get right to the point of things, but remember I am at the end of this life here on earth, soon I will not be here. I believe that I have a right to say what I need to say and if I can’t deal with somethings then I just say what I feel. I see where everyone here is dealing with their own problems and I try to like or comment on your post, not because I feel like I have to, it is because of what you posted. I more then likely miss more then I see, because sometimes I can’t even sit here without passing out. For me to be here online, I have to be in pain, so that I am able to write anything. I am sure that it is hard to read some of my words, but this is all I have left in this world and that is you. You are my family, my friends and the ones I love the most in my life. I thank you for being here for me. I really don’t want to die alone.

Miss Bobbie


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