Hi everyone.

Hi everyone.

I got to sleep till about 8 this morning. I only woke up one time with my foot hurting, maybe all them meds they are giving me, is starting to help. I know I have to take a lot, because there was around 15 times that I took something just for pain yesterday. That’s a lot of pain meds, and then I was still in pain all day. It’s getting better, I do believe that. Other then that I am feeling fair. I have had to learn how to do this, and I have found that to get it right, I will be dealing with the pain and the fact that I will get so doped up that I will not be able to do much of anything. So it comes down to the dope or the pain, which one do I leave in control? I need a happy medium.
I guest I can’t have them both, so I will have to try and endure as much of the pain I can. I don’t want to be so doped up that I can’t do anythung anyway. I will make it because I have God in my corner. He will not let me endure more then he thinks I can handle. That is the way it is for everyone of us. It’s kinda like God has your back in whatever you chose to do or be. You are not alone at anytime with God on your side. So do the best you can to be you, and let God fill in the blank space’s.
Love to you all, and happy Days to you.

Miss Bobbie


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