Good evening everyone. Been a long day for me today. I have been talking to my friend here and trying to make sure we have all the paper work done, that way she will not have to do anything but what I have ask.
I know that sometimes it is hard to read what I write about, but this is my life and my Dairy that I have chosen to write as for all to see. I love it when someone likes it or even comments on it, that’s like a treat to me. I know that everyone has a secret or something that demands their attention. None of us are perfect, yet we all try to be. That is the power we have. To be who we are. I have always been proud of who I am and when I see someone else living to the best they can be, it makes me proud of them. When I first came out, the gay guys would tell me that I was not welcome because they said I was a ‘SHOOT OUT LOUD” queer that just wanted to be seen, they didn’t understand about the part, of me just being a woman. But they were right about me wanting to be seen. I wanted to show the people here that not everyone is from here but everyone is different in their own way. Different is what makes us the flowers of the world, we are natures true colors. We all shine in Gods Heavenly light. We are born in the image of our Lord. God is everything, he has no limits. God has the power to create us all different from each other. Like the season in the sun, God gave us his only true son. He must love us a whole lot.
Well hope you all have a beautiful life.

Miss Bobbie


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