Shot Me!LOL

Can someone just shot me? I have been up since 5 and it has taken me this long just to get to my computer(11:30). I have taken 4 pain pills. and two shots of morphine, with a three other pain meds, but I still not have gotten ahead of my pain. this is so rough, I can’t even stand much less walk on my foot. I hate to say this, but right now, I can not help but feel that dying would be easier. I can’t do anything with the pain. I had to ask my friend to feed me, because I din’t have the strength to pick up my spoon. This really sucks. I am sorry that this is all I have this morning, I need a break from this, I guest I will have to let them put me in the Wilson House to try and get ahead of my pain and put me where I need to be, F**Ked up. It seems like that is the only way for me to go now, at least when I am F**ked up I don’t feel the pain. SORRY for my depressed self.


Miss Bobbie


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