Another Day

Though I would let you guys know what’s going on with me. My nurse came over just a little bit ago and sent a couple of pictures of my foot to the doc. and told him that is was getting worst, so he doubled my morphine and my pain pills to try to help me deal with it. They are going to get me some kind of pain patch to see if it will help, something to last longer then my pills.
I am glad to be with Hospice right now, they have been making this dying thing a lot easier. My nurse wants me to go into the Hospice house, I asked her to give me a day or two, then I’ll go in. I am afraid to go in, because I might not come out, walking anyway,LOL But I really want to say Thank you to the people from Hospice.

Love you guys…Remember life is way to short to FU*K it up, do it right now, don’t wait any longer, because it just may be two damn late.


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