Dear Diary!

Dear Diary!

Woke up dealing with a lot of pain, trying to get my sh*t together. My nurse will be here soon to talk about my feet. I’ll have to see a Doc. about the circulation in my feet to see just how bad it is. I have already accepted the fact as to what will happen now. It is hard, but there is nothing else that can be done. I will say that I am afraid, because they will not be able to put me to sleep, that means what ever they do, I will be awake. Kinda sucks don’t it. I guest I can endure it, My Savior had to endure a lot more than that for my sins. He gave his life for me, it is only right that I give mine to him.

So much pain, can’t think straight, really confused about what is going on around me. I hurt so bad.

Well my nurse came by and we have decided that we are just going to let my feet die till they have to do something. I can go to a Doc. Now and he can cut me a little at a time, or I can just wait till they have on more choice but to do something, the problem is that this is incurable so it does not matter what they do, it just will continue. she has given me permissions to take all the pain pills I need to deal with it. She is going to talk with my Doc. To see what the best coarse of action they will take.

Well I think I’ll move on now. Hope you have a good day,

Miss Bobbie.


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