Another Day.

Good evening. I will always hope that your day as been find, so You should know that. I am here as much as I can be, sometime, I just can’t be because of my health. I am feeling pretty fair right now, but they have made sure I have all the pills I need for the pain. My nurse had one of the weekend nurses come by this morning to check out my foot. Well we talked about it and she was pretty bunt about saying what she had to say. I told her what was going on and how much pain that it produced and she told me to take all the pain meds. that I needed to take, because she told me that it would just get worst anyway. She told me that she would get in contact with the Doc. and have my nurse come by early Monday morning.
My nurse will talk to me then, There was something said about my feet and I am not sure just how to say it on here. It’s not good, but it is a fact of life and something that we have to deal with.
I am proud of the years I had and I have always love the walks that my friend and I shared. She has given me a good life, some of the best years of my life. I don’t want to make her job of taking care of me to be harder, I mean it’s hard enough to take care of someone in my condition, it’s not easy if you don’t know what you are doing. I have to eat when I feel the need to eat, because I might not want or can not eat for the next two days, I eat when I can, just like going to the bathroom, when I have to go, that means now, so she has to stop doing what she is doing and get me there, there is no time to waste. There are all kinds of things that a caregiver has to do. The reason for that is because the one who is being cared for can’t do these things anymore. I miss cooking and doing other things around my yard and garden, but I can’t even get out side on my own now.
I am not sorry for anything I have done here while I was doing them. I had fun and maybe met a friend or two along the way. If I can remember when I am gone, there are some of you I’ll never forget.
I love all of you guys. I pray that we all will share the greatest Kingdom of them all “The Kingdom Of Heaven” In God I trust to take care of my soul when death has taken it’s toll. Amen.

Miss Bobbie


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