The Teacher

As a teacher, I have to know the value of having friends around me.

I have lived here for some time and hope to live here for a few more years.
I have been dealing with a lot of things and I am just now realizing that the reason for this is because people are beginning to notice what I am saying.
I have stood here many times to say I am transgender, I am different in the way I show myself to you, but what I show you is real and it is me.
There are a lot of those people out there just wanting to hurt me anyway they can, to shut me down, to shut me up. It will not happen that way. You can only slow me down with your ignorance and your hatred, but you cannot stop me.
I am a fighter; I fight for the right to live as I have chosen to. This is not about you; you are nothing to me, if you are one of those people that have chosen to disrespect me and others like myself.
We owe you nothing.
My friend has taught me that the only way to show them that we will not be stopped is to just move on. I can tell you right here and now, just moving on is not as easy as one would think. Sure there are a lot of things that could be done. Stop dressing the way I do, move to another town, start over, give up, and let them have their way. All of these things might work for you, but they will not work for me.
I will not turn tail and run from anyone. It is not in me to run.
I am learning as I go that things might not even change in my life time here in South Ga. But in time they will get better for those that follow me. It is hard to teach people that have hated for so long. Here where I am from, they have hated the difference in people for 200 years, I don’t know why this is like that, because in the beginning their folks came from somewhere else, they were not born here.
The people here have walked with blinders on all their lives, they were taught by their parents to hate and they will teach their children to do the same if there is no one to teach them any different.
I stand here dealing with all that is thrown at me; I stand with my head up high. I will not bow down to your hate.


 We would like to thank you for viewing our site and hope that you will get something out of all this mess!

Written by Miss Bobbie Jean Chiasson



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