Just Another Day.

Good evening

Hope that everyone out there is doing as best one can do. Just letting you know that I am still here even though I feel like this is one of the worst days I have had lately. I think I made the mistake by falling asleep with out my oxygen on and I woke up feeling very weak because of the lack of the oxygen in my blood. The pain has overwhelmed my body and I am hurting all over. My stomach and my feet are the worst, I have taken 7 pain pills since I got up at 8 this morning, maybe it will stop soon.
Even as I sit here and deal with this, I can not get the though of the pain that Jesus had to endure for my sins. He gave has life to set me free from the Damnation of Hell, I am not sure why this is on my mind, maybe it is because I believe that there is a God and he most be an awesome God.
I thank God everyday for my life here and I ask forgiveness for my sins in this life. With Gods help I am freeing myself from any and all hatred for my fellow man. Yes I know that sometimes that is hard to do, but the only thing for us to do if we are to ever make anything of this world we all live in is to do just that, stop the carp and lets get our world back. Be kind and understanding of others, because none of us are the same. If God would have wanted it that way, he would have created it that way.
Remember all we can do is our best, and allow God to do the rest.

Thank you for being right here for me.

Miss Bobbie Jean Chiasson

Pam Thompson
Pam Thompson Shame on ya’ll for forgetting your oxygen! Bet you don’t forget tonight. Love ya’ll and thats about all I have to say today.
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Bobby Jean Chiasson
Bobby Jean Chiasson Thank you and you are right about the oxygen, damn sleeping pill most have hit me hard, love you sis. Have a good weekend with the family..

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