“A Heavenly Place”

Good evening,

Sometimes I write about things in my life or I just write a poem to fill my need to set myself free. I try to write for all to see, what I’ve had to deal with just trying to be me. In no way am I trying to do anything else, but to find my way to a Heavenly Place for myself. We all want to feel that we have left something for others to remember us by, for those we leave behind not to want to cry. But to be proud that they had the chance to know someone like you and I.

So here’s a little poem I wrote for myself, and I am now proud to share with you and everyone else, but always remember, …………….that this is Just My Point Of View.

A Heavenly Place”

My God is an awesome God,

Sure at one time I doubted why.

I know now that he is here for me,

Don’t know why, I didn’t know that, you see.

I am feeling now that Heaven will open up for me,

Because God has created a Heavenly place for us to be.

I know it’s a place that all of us need,

It’s a Heavenly place to live for the eternity.

I know there is no hate or discrimination,

Because Heaven is closed to all Damnation.

It is a place for all to live free,

That’s the way God created it to be.

I am now putting away my past,

It is gone from me forever at last.

I’ve put my mind on God,

And Yes I now know why.


I hope that you may have found something in this to help you deal with some of the things happening in your own life, Thank you from my heart, because now it is time for me to part. Be Blessed and let God do the rest.

Miss Bobbie Jean Chiasson

transgender3My Secret Garden

Written by Bobbie Jean Chiasson

The stories that I write are true and about me and what I have to deal with in my day to day life. It is about the things that I believe in and it is only my point of view. It has nothing to do with you as you are free to live the life style that you chose to live. It’s like an open book diary that I have chosen to share with you.

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