The Journey!

The Journey!

I started my life 65 years ago and there has been a lot of paths to chose on my journey to where I am at today. If I was to write about how my life was and all the BS that I have had to deal with all these years, you would more than likely not believe some of it, yet I never lie about anything, because I don’t have to. The truth will set you free and it is the only way I know.
The thing is that I knew when I was in high school that I was different and my life begin to change then. By the time I was 17, I had already been with a man and I liked it, yet I was on my way to the Marine corp for basic training and there was no turning back. As I was in training I watched as they beat this young boy up, just because they thought he was gay, but he was not, just a little on the slow side, yet that did not matter to them. Then they kicked him out . Well yes I surely knew that I had to hide what I knew about my self, it was hard, but it was my life I was thinking about here.
I moved on and never did allow that side of me to show again till I was out and free from their terror. I was in my 20s when I saw the female side of me show back up and again I though I had to hide it, but as time passed the feelings got even stronger and soon I could not stop them from wanting to come into play. I lived alone in Texas for a while and on one knew who I was so that is where it came out for me, I had met a friend and I though that maybe he felt the same about me as I did about him and maybe he did, so we tried having sex, till someone knotted on the door and it was a girlfriend of mine, before I knew what was going on she was in the bed with us and that was the end of us, after that he left and I didn’t see him again for years, but nothing ever came of what we had before.
Again I moved on till the next time, that is when I fell in love with a gay man, but I was still not where I needed to be, for I wanted to be a female in the partnership. I started dressing up at night and slowly more and more started to want to come out, but living with a female that only wanted me to stay at home with it made it real hard on me, I wanted to go out into the public and see what the world would think of me. I needed this for me, not anyone else.
I was a prisoner for two years there in Florida and could never go out, when I did brake free from her, she made us move here to Ga. She felt that by mixing me in with these rednecks that I would want to hide myself, but she was wrong, it only made me want to come out even more and I did, all the way. I had a job and I started dressing to go to work, that was a mess of course. The shit hit the fan. I was threaten by the KKK and anyone else that felt they could get away with it, I couldn’t even stop for gas with out some asshole starting some BS.
Later I was out one night and my car broke down, I was sitting on the side of the rode when these two guys stopped and when they found out what I was, they raped e and beat me till I passed out. Nothing was done about that, it was my fault. I moved on again and every time something would happen where the law had to come, I was always to blame.
Well my life moved on till I had a heart attack and put me where I am today.
I live each day just waiting for my heart to stop, but as long as a have one breath of air left I will fight for the right to live as a transwoman.
So you see, it is not the journey that counts it is the destination, and I am there.
I know that sometimes I am hard on those of you out there that don’t want to do anything to help make this a better world, but I am running out of time to do my job. Help me by standing up for your rights..

I am Miss Bobbie Jean Chiasson with a dream “ One race called the human race”

Thank you for reading what I write about, love to you and yours….

Living As A Transgender


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