Good morning!

Good morning to all my friends and fans here, I know that I have hard on some of you lately, but I am just trying to get a point across to you, Live your life for yourself, not for those around you, be happy for who and what you are, be proud to say that you are a trans and let us speak out to the world, hiding is only good for those who want to hide. 

I am proud to say that I am a transwoman and the fact that I live my life by my words speak for that. I am sure that some of you would love to be yourself, but for some reason you choose to stay in hiding, be true to yourself, because what others think about you is not that damn important in the first place and if your friends or your family not like it, that is their lost, not yours, Stand up and be counted.

Miss Bobbie Jean Chiasson

Living As A Transgender




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