If I offend anyone here I am sorry for that, but when I write, I write about the way I feel. If you have supported me here then what I wrote was not for you, it is for those of you that just sat in your nice house and complain while others do all the foot work and you give nothing back. I notice that not one of you liked or commented on my post about RUNNING FREE OR GOOD MORNING, WHY IS THAT? It was the truth about that way I have been treated and others like myself as well. I know that some of you cannot come out as I have and for that I am sorry, but as I said, it does no good to complain about something if no one is willing to stand up for those rights. That’s what I do for you. If that is not enough again I am sorry , but not for me, for you.

Thank those of you that are supporting me.


Miss Bobbie Jean Chiasson…


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