“Hands helping Hands”


I can not help but feel sadden by what is going on in our community in the past few days and weeks. It makes it really hard for me to see the lost that some are forced to endure. None of these people asked for this yet it has been forced on them by Mother Nature. I am sure that they would have much rather not have to deal with it in the first place..

I know that in my heart there would have been a time when I would have reach right out there and did all that I could have, because I know what kind of person I am. It hurts me to know that at this point in my life that I am powerless to do anything. Because of my health and my finical inability, I have been put in a spot that I cannot help with anything, be it physical or financial. All I have left is my pray and I am sure that some of you need a lot more then just that. I have been left with nothing so I know what that feels like, it’s not easy to try and start over again. When one loses everything, even a loved one it gets real hard to deal with.

I have watch as things begin to unfold and people are stepping up to help those in need of help. To stand by their fellow man, to try and make things better. Sometimes just something as small as a hug can make a difference in ones life right now. Now is the time to make that step up and reach out to anyone and everyone that we can to help in some way. Myself, I can only offer my words, hopping that they may touch someone. Its not about race or gender, colors or beliefs, it’s about coming together as a nation and a community. It’s about doing the right thing, just being human.

I have been bless to know and hear of people that are doing just that, “Stepping up to the plate” to help clear and remove the the debris from homes and roads, to help feed those that are working to do this job, be give any kind of help that is needed, it’s like a miracle that is crossing our nation. “Hands helping Hands”

It makes me proud to see my friends on here and their friends and family’s out there giving what they can of themselves to help others in need, I really does have an affect on me knowing that i can’t do anything.

I am lucky to have a group of people like the Hospice group to come over and help me talk about this. My nurse and counselor came by to see if I was ok and ask me about what I was dealing with, when I told them, they told me that I had enough to deal with on my own, that I did not need to be stressed out about not being able to help. My nurse told me that I didn’t need that, so she gave me something else to take and she increased some of my meds. to help me sleep easier, so I would think about all of this.

I can only pray to God for you, that is the best I can do, maybe it is not enough, but it is all I have left to give.

My Prayer to you.


I know this will be a long ride,

but always remember that God is by your side.

He is there for you,

it doesn’t matter what you do.


Be you black or white,

God will do what is right

He will take you hand in hand

He will help you rebuild this land.


He hears our prayers,

as he know we are there.

Yes life most go on,

he is there from dust till dawn.


God is an awesome God and he hears my prayers

ans as I have always knew, he is always there.


I am Miss Bobbie Jean,

asking that we show humanity for each other in times of need.


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