I To Battle Depression!


Even though I know that my time is coming to an end, I cannot help but think about all those out there who have to deal with depression everyday of their life. Sure I have to deal with it, but God has given me the strength to try and endure all that it throws at me. There are times when I feel that giving up would be easy for me to do, yet would I be better for it. I sit and suffer everyday and for the most part it is all day but I know that ending my life would not help me in anyway what-so-ever. I take all kinds of meds. that if I was to want to just end it I could easily put them together and could overdose at anytime I wanted to. The question is what would it hurt if I was to end my life? Well it would hurt my friends and all those that know me. I would loss all chances of ever getting into heaven and sitting next to my Lord. I could not help anyone else ever again and what good what that be?

I know that depression is a bad thing and it can take over ones life, but only if you allow it to. You have to fight it with everything you have left in you and that may not be enough, so look for help, there are people out there and that is all they do. They can talk with you and help you find what you need to make it through all that you are dealing with.

I am not a prefect human being, but I do the best I can and that is all you can do, so please try to take care of yourself first, because you are the one that counts the most.

With all my love and hope for a better world to live, I am Miss Bobbie Jean with a dream.

Thank you…


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