Every day I pray!

As I wake to see another day, I say thank you Lord for making it possible for me, because you have given me the strength and courage to fight this battle shows me that you really do care for me.I know that I could not do this alone, but knowing that you are here helps me to overcome my fears of death and welcome it with open arms, for death here is just a step to the eternal life that I will share with you my Lord. I have put my soul and my life in your hands to guide me to where ever I may need to be.
I ask that you forgive for my sins and that you help me to better understand them in the end. I ask that you show compassion to my enemies and help those that are in need of any kind of help, no matter what it may be.
I also ask that you show others as you have shown me, there is eternal life with you. Blessed be the Lord for he is my God..Amen.Miss Bobbie Jean.

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