Really rough night for me, couldn’t cough enough to clear my throat to open it up and breath right, had to use all my meds. to try and knot me out so I could finally fall asleep about 4 this morning. My nurse said I have a problem with my lungs being full of fluid and I am taking extra Lasix and morphine to help with that.
I know that sometimes it is hard to read about people dealing with sickness, but it is a fact of life and has to be dealt with everyday, so the only thing I can say here is that if someone in your life is dealing with this, try to understand where they are at. Myself like many others would much rather be doing something else and enjoying life. For me just to be able to say that I did help make dinner is a great thing for me, because most of the time I can’t even move much less cook.
Well I hope that everyone out there is having a fair to good day, or just the best you can have today.


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