Soon I will be at my rest,
Because I feel I have done my best.
Heaven will be the place for me,
For I have been the best I can be.

I will be glad for all his love,
It is all I seem to think of.
God has shown me the way,
In heaven is where I will want to stay.

I feel I have truly been blessed,
That is why I will go to heaven to rest.
He has ask nothing of me,
He knows that I have given my heart to thee.

With Gods love in my heart,
Soon it will be my day to part.
I give all my love to him,
For that he has allowed me in.

I thank my Lord and God for the love that he has shown me, that is why I now give my heart and soul to thee.

Not all of us have the chance that I have been given. I am at a point in my life where I can thank him everyday for showing me the way. Remember that life itself is way to short, try and thank him from the start. Be blessed as I have been because we all want to go to heaven in the end..

Thank you all for showing me your support and your friendship as well.

Miss Bobbie Jean…


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