End Of Times Are Coming!

Just letting you guys know that I am still here, just not able to breath or find the strength needed to write anything, I couldn’t even eat much today, so tried of fighting for every breath I take.


Carin Farmer Love you sweetie!
Roxanne Wimberley Perry
Roxanne Wimberley Perry Hang in there honey. 🙏👭
Traci Elizabeth Lollar Resendiz
Traci Elizabeth Lollar ResendizHope it was better for you
Sorry it took so long to get back to you guys, my nurse came by to check on me and she told me that all they can do now is try to make me as comfortable as possible. She said not to try and done anything because all it would do is make me weaker and That I didn’t need that right now.She said that she would be talking with the group tomorrow about my condition She is going to tell them that I should be put on morphine for pain, because the pain does not help out my condition, it just makes it harder.That also say that I need to try and only eat soft foods because I can’t swallow like I used to.I know that I should not feel depressed about all this, but it is so hard not to. I can only say that I am truly glad to have met those of you that I have, Thanks for being my friend. Miss Bobbie Jean.

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