As I had awaken to see your light,

I know now that I have made it through another night.

Last night, as I fell asleep,

I ask you, My soul to keep.


Everyday I pray that you will show me the way,

Yes it is you that gives me every breath I take.

As my time comes to an end,

I find that I am yours and only yours in the end.


Little did I know that my life would end so soon,

I quest I’ll be marching to a different tune.

I have now put my trust in you,

I am sure you will tell me what to do.


Sometime I am not able to write much, even though all I have to do is sit here, but at that it is hard for me to do now days, because I don’t have the strength to do much of anything for myself, so when I am able to try and at least stat dinner, but maybe not be able to finish it, it still gives me some sort of hope. I am not hopeful for some kind of miracle or anything like that, all I am hoping for is just another day. All I have left to give anyone is my words and at this point I need to chose them wisely. I have come to learn a lot as I have sat here thinking and dealing with all this that is happening to me, I can never tell when I will be ok anymore, because it is mostly all bad to deal with, even just living is a problem now. All and the best I can hope for is that my words mean something to you and that maybe you can get some kind of inspiration for what I write about. As I have said many times in the past, I am not a perfect human being, yet who really is? I have had to learn by my own mistake and yes I have made a few or more in this life, but I have also done my best to be ready to move on to my next life, A life with my creator, My God.

What I have learned the most is that we don’t have to be perfect in this life to get to live in the next one, all we have to do is our best, that is all that he has asked of us, so with that in mine, remember just your best is all that you can be.

I am yours till my end, Miss Bobbie Jean, with a dream of “One race called the human race.”


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