A day of blessing from God and the power he gives us!


Good evening, Had a fair day out at the market today, didn’t make a lot of money but came home with more then we had when we got there so that is better then the other way around, we have been leaving with less, and could very well do it tomorrow, but that is not how we will think of it, LOL… I was really hurting today from my fall and the pain is getting worst as well. I called the nurse on duty tonight at Hospice and she told me to take another pain pill, use a ice pack and go lay down and stay there. She said that maybe I should not go out tomorrow, but you know the answer to that. I had some close friends showed up to check on me and I really love that about these friends, they go out of their way to check on me. But all and all the best thing that happened to me today was finding something. One of my flea market friends came up and told me that she had lose the last and only thing of her husband’s. She had been wearing is wedding ring since he had past away and was about in tears because she had been looking for hours, like 4 or 5 hours with no luck what-so-ever. She had packed up and was ready to go home because she had called her Mon and told her about what had happen, now they were both upset.

Well I said that I would walk down there knowing how much it would hurt, but for some reason God has given me a gift of finding things like that for others, but not for myself. After she had looked around there all day, I walk over there and within five min. I had found her ring, she did not know what to say, just looked at me with tears in her eyes, but the feeling that I saw was well worth me walking there. It was a beautiful ring made of gold with 4 diamonds on the top of it, I am sure it was more then I could ever afford. Now if I was a person, knowing that something like that would have help them get back on their feet again, They could have easily not said anything to her and let her leave and kept the ring, There was never in my mine to even go that way. I used the power that God had given me to find her ring and give it to her. I was so blessed and felt so good about finding it that it just makes me feel awesome that I could do that.. feeling really good about that one guys, I’m saying good night because I’ll be lucky to get any sleep tonight the way I am hurting, love you all and may Gods blessing be as good to you as they were to me today.

Miss Bobbie Jean..


Gods will be done.”


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