Good morning!


Hoping that all is as well as it can be for you and yours.

Dealing with what I wound think to be a toothache, but not sure, because I don’t have any teeth any more, just know it hurts all the time. I just think that it is part of the shutting down process of my body that I am having to deal with. With my heart being only at 15%, my body is slowly dying as I sit here and find myself having to deal with something that most people would have to deal with over a life time, I am dealing with it all in a matter of a few months. Only last year I was able to do things like walk and ride my bic. Even go to the market place on my own, but now I can not do anything like that. Life here on this place we call earth, is a very special time in our elevation. It is not something anyone should just take for granted, because one never knows just how long we have here in this place. One needs to try and make the best out of the time that is given to us to learn who we are and what we can give to better others in our lives. I have always tried my damness to do the right thing by those that are around me, it did not ever matter what kind of life style they have chosen to live, because it has never been for me to judge anyone, it’s just not my place to do so. I know that everyone has the right to believe in what they choose to, so it never mattered to me.

I know that sometimes it is not easy to read what I have posted are what I am dealing with, but death never is easy and to know that it is knotting on your doors just doesn’t help out any at all. Not only does one have to deal with them selves but one has to deal with those that will be left behind. It’s like,

have I done my best to leave you with something that you will remember me for? Did I do all the right things to make someone else’s life better and help make them a better person somehow. I can only hope that I have done this, if not, I can only feel that my life here was a failure.

Leaving you now with this though for today.

Keep your heart open and do all you can to help better someone else’s life. Be kind to yourself and those around you and you will be a better person for it.”

With love and hugs I say to you today.

Miss Bobbie Jean

I still have my dream of a better tomorrow for all to see.

Thank you..


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