My point of few!

I am having trouble dealing with a few things about God, as I get closer to my end there are questions like, at what point did sex go from ” Go forth and multiply” to sex is nothing but a sin in the eyes of The church and all those that follow Gods rule. Being a porn star at one time in my life, does that now make me just a sinner in the eyes of God or have I been forgiven for what I have done, it’s like do I now go to hell because some Christians thank that I should? Feel free to comment on this.
Miss Bobbie Jean
Never let what I say change the way you think or feel, I can only hope that the things that I do say just bring something more into your life. I would never say anything to hurt you in any way. If I have, I can only pray that God shows me that I have.
Thank you for being a friend to someone like myself, it means a lot in these times of need.

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