Doing the best I can just to be with you.

not able to do much these days, my condition is not good. I was only able to get about 2 and 1/2 hours of sleep last night. I really don’t have anyone to blame for this mess I am in, because I have gone out of my way all my life to to more then anyone should do in a days work, but I was taught to work for what I have and living poor makes one have to push the limits at times.
I can only hope that something that I have told someone one of those days has helped them to understand what life is about and that when I say stand up for your rights, always remember to keep yourself and your loved one safe.
I was just chatting with my friend about how I was just last summer planting and digger in my front yard to fill it up with flowers, Now that they are blooming all I can do is look out my window to try and see them, can’t even get out there to smell any of them. But at lease I can still see them that is a blessing in itself. thank you God for that.
It has taken me all week just to get here and say this. Love you all my friends.
Miss Bobbie Jean


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