Just my point of view here.

I must have offend everyone here, because normally I would have around 5 or 6 friends like what I have written on my last post. Maybe it is what I talked about being in a financial state here and think that I am asking for money, I am not asking for that, but what I am asking for is help. There is a difference. I have a online store that sales anything you can think about and I also have a few books that I have written that anyone can buy. It may not help me today, but it can make a difference in my future.

Maybe it is what I said about the LGBT community here in south Ga. Well it was what I saw when I showed up there and it was the way I felt being there, and if you have gotten offend by what I said about your so called Gay community then stand up and show your balls, walk with me instead of behind me hiding in your closet.

All I can say here is this is all just my point of view here.
Thank you for being here for your support and respect.

Miss Bobbie Jean


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