Who Is To Blame?


You ever wonder why some people seem to blame others for their f**ked up lives?

They go through life always losing out not because of what someone else has done, it is because of something that they have lack all their life. It is because they didn’t have it in them in the first place.They are the losers.They want to blame all their fail-ers on others when it is them that is the cause of it. When I try to speck to anyone and all they can do is cus at me and tell me that I am the reason that they are a failer, then there is no talking, just yelling and raising hell with each other. That doesn’t work well for most relationships. All I have done here is when she ask about doing something, I have tried my dam best to make it happen for her, but all she wants to tell me is what I kept her from doing, hell she wasn’t doing or getting anywhere when I met her in the first place, so where the f**k was she going then?
Life is way to f**king short to deal with so much carp, there is really no need for it. When is the point of no return on something like this? where does it go and where does it end?
Just how much is one person suppose to take off of anther? At what point does this BS stop?
I just want my life to end if it is so bad that someone thinks that low of me?I love the fact that there is a God and that he is suppose to make things right in time, but I am running out of that time. If I have been so wrong, then why does he keep me here, Is this my punishment for just knowing this person. I can not help but wonder what it would have been like if I had done something different, not the same old thing, like trying to care for someone.
I guess that the point is, did I just waste my time on someone that will never get anywhere or did I use my time to try and better their lives anyway.
If I have failed to make this work then my time here has been wasted as well, maybe I don’t deserve to have a better life after all, maybe I am getting just what I deserve. Happiest is not all that, you know, if you can’t face the failers as well.
Sometimes it does not matter how much you may love someone, it still does not work out and at what point do you say it is over and done? I know one thing and that is I really hope that I get to die and move on soon, because living here is not all the it is made out to be.

Written by a lost soul, by someone just wanting to move on to the next step in this place we call humanity.

Written by Bobbie Jean, for myself.


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