Another Day In My Life!


Had a good day yesterday, was able to go outside and help my friend fix me a place to sit as I worked on my plants so I don’t have to move around a lot. she has put everything within my reach and anything that I need she will get for me. It was good to be able to help some what. At the same time a few of my neighbors came by to say hello and check on me, that was good also. Hoping that I can get out again today even if it is just for a little while, anything is good now days for me. I worked on our tomato plants and I put together some hanging baskets and some gallon pots for sale and put some aside for planting here at home, I will have around 7 different kinds of tomatoes so I’ll be able to eat the best that I can, same with a lot of others things like pepper plants. But after not being able to work on my plants some are looking real bad, but maybe with a little love and attention that will be alright. Only God will tell.
I have had some of my friends complain to me about what I post, that I should not say so much about the way I feel. They say it is depressing to them so they don’t want to read it, that’s find I don’t care if anyone reads what I write about, because it is about me, not them. I see where they may post something that means nothing to me, but that does not make me want to tell them what to post, that is why there is a button that gives you the option to follow or not to follow someone, so you don’t see everything they post. or there is always that one that allows you to unfriend that person and move the **** on, be it your choice.
Anyway out of 80 friends here only about 10 ever say anything about what I post, the rest are here for something else, not sure what.
Hope everyone had a great weekend and now that a new week has begun hope you’ll have a good one also.
Remember when you look into that mirror this morning to tell yourself that you are beautiful and smile because you are.

Have a great day… Miss Bobbie Jean.
Living that dream of a better tomorrow.

Remember that kindness works to ways. be kind if you want to be treated with kindness.

God and Transgenders Stand Together.


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