The Wind!


The wind blowing through my hair I will not feel,
As I run and play out in the flower fields.
Even as I can still hear the birds singing,
The suffering has my ears a ringing.

My heart may be in it,
But my body is ready to just end it.
The love that I have left,
I give it to you, because you are the best.

All my life I have given my best,
It is now time for me to rest.
I have lived my life standing my ground,
Now I can see it, it is all around.

The blessing that I have received,
Comes from you, I do believe.
With love, you have filled my heart,
Sorry, but now it is time to part.

Some of my days are better then others and I feel like today is one of them. I have managed to get out of bed and get myself up and ready for the day. I have ask the Lord, my God to help me try and love myself today and allow me to try and learn something again today, because I believe that as long as I can learn, I can teach. It is never to late to do what makes you happy and your life will be better for it. I may not have become the woman I wanted to become, but I have become a real human being, living and learning what others have to teach. Always try to give more then you receive and you will feel better about that as will.

May your hearts be full of love from others in your life and may you be happy with who you are.

Written by someone with a dream. Written by Bobbie Jean.

I believe that God and Transgenders stand together.

© 2015 – 2016 Living transgender All rights reserved


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