Life is like a flower,
It doesn’t always bloom everyday.
Some bloom once in it’s life time,
That is when it gives you it’s true beauty.

We may live a life time before we show the beauty that we have with in us,
That is when we try our best, as we allow God to do the rest.
He gives us his strength to endure,
At this point God is our only cure.

I have lived this life time,
So like a flower I will show you my best.
Because this is not just for me you see,
It was Gods time that he had given to me.

Thank you my Father for what you have done. You gave me the chance to live as one.

You may feel that there is nothing left in this world here for you, but trust me God is watching everything you do. Instead of trying to end your life, try just as hard to live your life.

For years all I wanted to do was dye, now all I can think about is living. Anyone can dye, but it takes courage to live in this day and time. Be strong and brave, there is nothing you cannot do, if you are not afraid.

The love of God flows in the air, his love is everywhere.
Written by Bobbie Jean with a dream.

God and Transgenders Stand Together.
© 2015 – 2016 Living transgender All rights reserved


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