Thank You My Lord!


The sun has come and gone,
It doesn’t seem like it was long.
Each day as I awake,
I tell the Lord my life is his to take.

At night I try to sleep with out fear in my heart,
I feel that God has done his part.
I get to try and sleep all night,
God helps me to do that without any fright.

God has away about him,
That is why I enjoy a hymn.
To thank him for his love,
For it is the greatest from above.

Written by someone with God in their heart.
Written by Bobbie Jean, still living with the dream of a better world and better place for the human race.

This is to the love of my life, It is for you Lord, because you have protected me without any doubt. Thank you My Father for what you have done for me.

Each day life gives you the chance to change someone life for the better, be there for them and make yourself better at the same time. When you can give without wanting anything back is when you have become a true believer in God.

With love in my heart, this is where I will part. Thank you, Miss Bobbie Jean.


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