A New Day Is Coming For Me!

Well, I quest it is official now. A Hospice Administer came by and after two and a half hours, the papers were signed allowing them to take over my medical needs. When she left today she told me that they would be delivering oxygen to my home today, one for my home and one to take with me to the market place on the weekends. She also will be proving all my mental and spirituals needs as well, I believe that I need the last part a lot right now. I will enjoy talking to someone just about God. I think I can say that even though I have to deal with all this, I am thankful that I even had the chance to live my life the way I had chosen to. I allowed no one to stand in my way or shut me down from being the best of a woman that I could be. All I can ask for now is that I am allowed to die with some kind of respect from others just as I have respected them. Forgive me, but sometimes it is hard for me to write like this with tears in my eyes, as I look for that light from above. Let his light shine on me today. I love life every much and I am sure going to miss it.
Fill your hearts with the love ones around you every day, never allow one second of time past you by, because in short we will all surly die and the ones you will leave beyond will be the ones to feel the pain of your lost. Be their ray of sunshine.
Love you all.
Miss Bobbie Jean…..

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