Just how old are we?

You hear when you watch the weather and they say well, it’s 32 degrees outside, but it feels like 25, well my papers say I am 65, but in reality I feel like 166 years old, so just how old am I? How old do you feel these days?

Another thing is that all I can remember is being here, like forever, like I have always been here, I don’t remember ever not being here. Makes you wonder have we been here forever or just a life time?

I have written this poem just for you,

I do this because it is what I do.

With friends in ones life,

It can and will keep one from being down and out.

The thing about friends is that you never know who they are,

Because in today’s world they are few and far.

We all needs friends in our lives,

Sometimes without them one can not survive.

Times are rough for me just as I feel they are for you,

but as true friends maybe we can all pull through.

We as human beings are given a gift of true power,

It is for us to make this our truest hour.

Be a friend not just for looks, a true friend is there even when you look your worst.

Written by Bobbie Jean with a dream.

God and Transgenders Stand Together.

© 2015 – 2016 Living transgender All rights reserved

This is “Just my point of view”

Bobbie Jean


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