Good morning to all, hope your day is going well. I am thankful to wake up in the morning, I so dread the nights. Sometimes it is hard to see Gods plans for us on this place we call earth, but I am sure that each of us will make a difference here. We are more then just people of different colors, genders and size’s, we are all different because that is the way God made us to be. We are called a human race for a reason, because we are humans not robots, we are meat to be different from each other, puts us a step above the beast. I can only hope that my words have helped others in the past, it gives me much pleasure to hear someone tell me how much I have inspired them to free them selves and let people see them for who they really are. I could have lived anywhere I really wanted to in my time here, but when I move here I found a place where I was needed to make a stand for what was right, and right is the freedom of choice to live your life to make you a better person, it is not for anyone else but you, because if you don’t like who or what you are no one else will either.

Even though I am dealing with a lot of pain, I still feel the need to go out to the flea market and try to show these people here in south Ga. That not everyone is the same. I see all kinds of people out there and they see me as well, sometimes it is worst then others because of the different class’s of people that come out there. Here in Ga. People still believe in the old ways and hatred is part of that. They hate anything that is not white. For some reason they feel that God made them just for him, yea right. God made us all in his image and we are like the flowers that bloom here on this plant that he created for us to live together and make it better, it is truly up to us how this will all come out in the end, I am sorry that I’ll never live free here before I die, but I can not help but feel good about what I have done with my life here. It has been a long and hard journey for me, but hopefully it will make it easier for those that follow me.

I thank God for giving me the courage to make a difference and for giving me the knowledge that I needed to stand up and say I am a Transwoman and I am proud of that.

Be who you are, for the most part people will respect you for that.

Written by Bobbie Jean with a dream.

God and Transgenders Stand Together.

© 2015 – 2016 Living transgender All rights reserved


The hardest part for me here is how much I have become depended on my friend here to help me, most of the time I cannot walk so all the work falls on her. She does everything around home and when we go to the flea market she sets everything up. She told me that all I had to do was sit there and talk to people, she takes good care of me. That puts me in a place where I feel useless at time, so sometimes I try to help, but all I do is make it harder for myself later, do you know what it is like to feel useless and to have to depend on someone else to do what you used to do for yourself. Even in my worst times and I don’t even want to look at my computer, I still feel that I have to try to keep moving forward.


3 thoughts on “MAKING A DIFFERENCE!

  1. Your posts always touch my heart. I too live in South Georgia so am even more drawn to your work. Of course, it does help that you write so well.

  2. Seeing a religious perspective on this is really refreshing. Even though I myself am not devoted to any God, I do study a range of religions. Your interpretation is inspirational and has given me a new outlook on religion, thank you 😊

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