Even in the darkness there is a light that shines on. The light is God’s love that shines down upon us.

Let the light shine bright,

Hope that his love will carry me through this night.

During the day,

I use his light to guide my way.

His light gives life to my flowers,

They give me pleasure for hours.

As the flowers bloom and show me their beauty,

That is when I feel they have done their duty.

It is Gods love that carry’s me today,

He has made my life possible in every way.

Now for him I share with you,

The hope that all will come true.

With the same light of love he shares with me,

I give it all to you this day.

And no matter what they say,

Never allow anyone to stand in your way.

Depression creates a cloud of darkness around us and it seems like there is no answer, but there is, believe in yourself and allow in the love from others that do care about you. I am trying to believe that there is a God that watch’s over me, I cannot help but feel this in my heart and I really don’t think that he cares about the way I dress, I think it is about the way I have lived my life, just doing my best. There are none of us perfect, That is what makes him God and not us. I also know that all lives matter and God did not make a mistake when he made me, He created someone special when he made me and I am proud of that.

Be blessed today, and be your best today…

Written by Miss Bobbie Jean, living the life that God has given me and I trust in the Lord.

God and Transgenders Stand Together.



© 2015 – 2016 Living transgender All rights reserved


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