My Faith Renewed!

“Inspired by you”

Monday morning I had to go to my Family doctor to get a renewal on my Nitro—Nitrostat (Nitroglycerin) then it began.

My blood pressure was 169/101, I could not move my left arm and my chest had some pain in it. I was breaking-out in cold sweets, soaking wet, having trouble holding up my head and body not wanting to speak at all.
Was in a wheel chair because I could not stand, so because of all that and the fact that the doctor had to get on his knees to be able to even look into my eyes and talk to me, told him that I could be having a stroke so he made orders for me to be picked up by the ambulance and getting me into the ER room at the hospital. That has the best way to get me straight in to be seen by someone.
I was in the ER for over 20 hours then they put me in a room and I was monitored. After being on oxygen since Monday and being shoot full of lasix, getting the fluid in my lungs out and putting me on oxygen for a couple of days I am able to come back home one more time, Thank you Lord for this day and my friend.
Well I guest that it was not my time yet, because God has allowed me to make it home one more time. I am able to breath somewhat better and they had updated my meds some. I will say that I was afraid, even to the point that I did not want my friend to leave me there alone, but I had to because we had pets that needed him more then I did. And I really believed that he needed a break from me for a little while. It can and is hard to deal with someone in my condition because there really is never a good day. I am really thankful for having him with me.

I have to go back to the doctor next week to be checked out.

I learned something, never make the mistake and think that you will live forever, because that ain’t happening. Live each day for just that, “today”, live it like it just might be the very last one. I believe in God, but for those that don’t you believe in what ever it takes to keep you here. Life is worth living even in the worst of time, believe me, I for one know this is for a fact.


I thank you Lord for this breath of air, for the sky and the sun that shines above me, for without them I am blinded and can not see. I thank you for this world that you and only you could have created for a human race to live. I thank you for life itself and because of you Lord I have done my best. Amen

Written by Miss Bobbie Jean, still living with a dream of a much better tomorrow.
© 2015 – 2016 Living transgender All rights reserved


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