One Step At A Time!


So much pain, sometimes it is really hard to deal with. But,on the other hand I am still breathing, which is worth something in it self. Now I have to conquer this pain and try to move forward again today. I thank God for giving me life everyday that he does. They are going to try and give me some shoots in my hip and shine to help me deal with this problem hope that it works some, anyway. The cold doesn’t help much, makes it harder on my heart and my lungs, but I have tried using three pillows to sleep on and I feel that it has help some with the breathing. I had a good day yesterday, worked in my Secret Garden all day. I was able to find the strength to add a couple more selves and sorted some of my plants as well as trans planting a few. I can breath the clean air that my plants give me, I feel that it to is helping me.I love working around all this beauty and things are really looking good in my garden.
Christmas time is near and it is a time for giving. It is the time when people open their hearths to others. As you are moving through your days of joy, try not to forget about those that have nothing but the hope in their hearts of a better life, and a family. Maybe you can’t care for another child, but maybe you know someone that can and will give that child the love that it needs. Please encourage them to Adopt if they can.

Give the best gift you can give to another, love and happiness.

Thank you for your time and your friendship, Happy Holidays.

From Miss Bobbie Jean, dreaming onward….

P.S. Remember this is one of the worst times of the year for people fighting with depression. Sometimes all it takes is a hug to make someones day. A hug is a real show of love and understanding, Please hug some one in need of one.
Thank you.


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