In The Light Of Gods Love!


Another day has begun and the sun is raising up over the horizon. I had a fair night’s rest, and I am feeling like maybe I can try to do something today with my plants in my garden. I just got a new load of plants yesterday and that are beautiful. The fall colors are amazing and shine in the light of Gods blessing’s.
I too shine in the light of his blessing as I go through life everyday. When I had to make the choice of who I would be, I ask God to stand with me and so he has all these years. He has given me my strength and my courage to move forward when I did chose to become the woman in me. I have given my life to help anyone who has found themselves to be different them most. I have been judged all my life even before I had changed to who I am today. People have this foolish thought that they can say anything they want and it does not matter who they hurt in the long run. I have found that when someone says something to harm someone else, it does not say much for them. They show others just what kind of an a**hole they ready are.
Life itself is full of up’s and down’s. What we have to do is make the best of the up sides to overcome the down sides.
Be true to yourself and try as hard as you can not to allow others to get you down, I know how hard that can be as well, but it can be done.
People will always judge you, it does not matter what you do, so their opinion means nothing. Let them run their own-self down, because when they are trying to put you down they are only hurting themselves.
Hope your day shine’s from the light of Gods true love.

I am Miss Bobbie Jean,
with the same dream of a better tomorrow for all to see.
Living a dream just to be me.

© 2014 – 2015 Living transgender All rights reserved


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