Gods Love For Me!


As the sun comes up for another day,
I thank God for showing me the way.
He has given me the strength to write,
He has shown me what life is about.

Before I knew him in my life,
I was lost and full of doubt.
I though that there was no hope for me,
Since I have allowed him into my life now I can see.

Myself, I battle with depression on a daily basis,
But I have ask God to keep me away from those places.
He has given me a place to rest,
It is place where I can do my best.

Even though my health has taken my breath from me,
He has shown me there is a better place to be.
So with his goodness and hearth of gold,
He has shown me the way to heaven,out of this cold.

I have given him my hearth and my soul,
As he helps me reach my goal.
I know that I am not prefect at all,
But he sure has helped me to stand tall.
So with his love I move forward for another day,
I am proud to allow him to show me my way.
I know what I have to go through,
I surely hope that God works for you.

Written by Miss Bobbie Jean,
Written by someone with a dream.

© 2014 – 2015 Living transgender All rights reserved


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