Spreading Gods goodness



Spreading Gods goodness from your own heart is truly a good thing.

I would like to thank God for giving me another day to share my life with you. Yesterday was a good day for me, I transplanted plants all day and did what I love to do, working with my garden. God has truly blessed me with Flowers of all sorts and size’s, but it is a lot of work. The way I see this, is that each day he gives me to enjoy here on earth is a blessing and I am going to use it the best way I can. One does not think about things such as that until one is told that their life will be cut short. I am only sorry that my heart was filled with so much hate, made from those that felt the need to hate me. It is not their fault that they are like that, that is the way they were taught to be. Love is something that is hard to come by these days, but when it is Gods love that I am able to share, it is a awesome feeling, so my you be blessed in every way possible today and if you can try to be nice to some one else and show them that same love that God shows you, spread the goodness that is laid upon you. You will feel better about yourself and also make some one else feel better at the same time, that is you reward, nothing less, nothing more. You are the one that has to open that door. Gods love be with you my friends.


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