Finding Gods true love.

Good morning. I have found a way for me to deal with the depression of everyday life. I find something to do to help myself and others around me. It brings me joy and gives me something to stop the depression. I am not prefect, but I try to do only what God allows me to do.

I know that everyone should have the right to believe in what they have chosen to believe in, so I have chosen to believe in why God gave us his only son to die for us. I truly believe that God is the Father and he does not make mistake’s. God is with me everyday of my life, and for that I am proud to say I believe in him. The world around us can and will be a crude place to live, but it is up to us to change that hatred into love, that is what God want’s from us. Spreading the goodness of the Lord bring peace to my heart and soul. I know people right now having to sleep in their car, or where ever they can find a bed, or even a floor to lay on, there is something wrong with that. I do what I can to try and help them the best way I can. I am sorry that I have no bed for them, but maybe by me sharing what I have is a blessing to them. I have found that so many people are in need of something, even if it is only to talk to some one about what they are dealing with.
Today try to do that, if that is all you can do, just listen to some one.
May you find the same peace that I have found.
I am Miss Bobbie Jean with a dream of true humanity.


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