We All Battle Depression In Our Own Way!


Good morning , hoping that your life is in your hands and not the others man’s hand.
It is ashamed that I had to wait till I was told that my time was up to learn more about what God really is. I have found more love and understanding since I made the choice to allow God into my life. My days and nights are much better, I am tried, but yet I am sleeping at night now.
He has given me the strength to endure going back out to the flea market and helps me all day to deal with it. I have talked to old people that I have known for years and met new people at the same time.
I give some things away and sell some things, but I try most of all to have little fun doing it.It is such a pleasure to see a kid smile when you just give him or her a toy, or to get them to pay for something and let them see what it is like to pay for it themselves.
I look at it this way, it does not matter if I had to buy it or if God gave it to me, which he does that a lot of times. I enjoy seeing the happiness in a child. I did not have that pleasure from my own kids.
To set up for two days and that is really hard on me, but it gives me something to do.
I have found that God was in my heart all along, it was just that I had allowed the haters to teach me how to hate just like them, well I forgive them, because that have no idea what they are doing, in turn I have asked God for forgiveness and hope that he can find it in him to do so.
With Gods love I say Be blessed in what ever you will believe in, but it is your right to do so. Thank you for sharing my life with me.
Bobbie Jean
© 2014 – 2015 Living transgender All rights reserved


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