I Battle Depression
This is my way of Battling Depression.


Another day is born,
Trying to wake up in this early morn.
I feel that the Lord is by my side,
I now know the feeling for him I cannot hide.

I ready use to think that life was about sex,
Maybe it was because, it was all I could get.
Now that I have found the Lord with me,
It is much easier for me to see.

My body may be full of pain,
But heart is with God, oh yes I am.
I no longer fight death,
Because I now know that God is the best that I can get.

Lord thank you for watching over me,
Yes you are all I have felt you see.
I am not afraid to die,
Because I now have the Lord on my side.

Written by me,
I am a Queen can you see.
My name is Miss Bobbie Jean,
Yes I have a dream………

© 2014 – 2015 Living transgender All rights reserved


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