God I now have in my Life!


For years I have wanted God in my life and I thought that the only way for that was through the church and it’s christian follower, but I was wrong, I don’t need the church or those so called christian followers because for the most part they did not want me in their church in the first place. I have been call all kinds of things and even was told that I was satin himself. One preacher told his followers that I was the way the Devil would look when he came to get them and he thought that God would look like him, Ya right.
Well I don’t need them to have God in my heart and that is where I have found him. He walks with me everyday of my life and
protect ‘s me as a move forward to meet him in heaven. I am truly blessed to have the Lord my Father as my time comes to an end. I am looking forward to being with my God, my Savior.
I am not as afraid as I was when they first told me I was dying, because I feel that I am not dying but being reborn to sit with him in the everlasting.
I don’t want anyone to be sad for me, but to be happy that I am going home where I belong.
You have been a true friend to me in my time of need and hope that you will live for a long time, because you are truly blessed with Gods love.
Love is forever in Gods house. I am Miss Bobbie Jean with a dream, let God fill your heart to the brim with his kindness and love.

My Page Living As A Transgender

My Group God and Transgenders Stand Together.


One thought on “God I now have in my Life!

  1. Good for you. I am, personally, not a very spiritual person, but organized religion drives me crazy for all of the people I know that do want to be spiritual. I don’t want to throw a blanket over every clergyperson, there are still some out there who aren’t very indicative of the religion they represent, but for the most part, the churches themselves have twisted in caricatures, only interested in helping themselves instead of each other/everyone.
    Point being, nobody should have to view and follow the dogmatic views and rules (especially since most major religions have instances of contradictory ones) of the very human churches if they want to believe in whatever God they want to believe in.

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