I have not had a real hug in so long, I have forgotten what it would fell like to be touched and hugged. It has really sadden me that I find myself so alone here, at the age of 64, there is really no one in me life. It is odd that when I dressed as a male and I did for everyone I had more friends, but when I changed to dress as me, for me, I have no one. Something is wrong with that, for I am the same person inside. My heart has not changed, just what I wear.
If I have done something wrong, may God please forgive me.
Miss Bobbie Jean.


4 thoughts on “Lonely

  1. Miss Bobbie Jean i burst in to tears as i read your post. At 57 my fear of being lonely keeps me from moving forward on my journey. I have had another therapist who doesn’t know really how to help me…………………..sigh

  2. Miss Bobbie, there is nothing to forgive, you are beautiful inside out. Stand in front of a mirror, tell it in high voice, tell it with valor!! Hugs to you xo Mari

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