Time pass’s by slowly now for me. Each day I find myself talking more and more to the Lord. I really believe that things are getting easier for me to understand now. I am trying to let go of all my fears of dying and to except that I will be taken care of.
I have noticed that the more I pray, I find that I am more forgiving of those that have tried so hard to do me wrong. I know that it is not for me to judge anyone. They will be judge in time.
I got a phone call yesterday from a Major down at the City police station asking me if I would come down there for a meeting. My first though was of the other day when I tried that and was arrested, so I question why he wanted me there. He told me that he was looking into my case with what had happen and why I was arrested in the first place. I told him yes that I would meet with him. I was all dressed up because I wanted him to see me at my best, as a Transwoman. He was dressed in a suit and every tall. He was polite as he told us who he was. He ask if we would mind going up to the third floor where we could sit and talk, I said yes so we moved on.
There was another officer up there from internal affairs who asked if he could sit in, I said sure. Well anyway I told my story and notes were taken and the Major did in fact admit that some of what happen was their fault. Once we got everything down on paper and was pretty much done, the Major asked me a very important question. He wanted to know what would I have them do to the officers that messed up in the first place.
With out thinking about it much I already knew my answer. I told him to do nothing, to see where and how they were wrong and teach them how to be better police officers. Make sure that this does not happen to anyone else, because there are going to be many more transgender people coming into play. I let him know that I was just the beginning and as hard as they have tried to shut me down I am still kicking and will be till the day I die. He looked at me in kinda a stocked state of mind because I really don’t thing that he was expecting an answer like that from me.
As for as I was concerned it was over, as I told him that what had happened showed me that I could not trust the law to protect me and the woman that ran her mouth only showed others what kind of person she was.
I really felt good about my answer to him and yes I want them to learn they we are all equal in the eyes of the law, no one is better then the other.
He told me that he was looking into everything and that I would hear from him in a couple of weeks.
For the most part I think that things went well and I believe that he will check it out.
I had to show him that I was better then his officer were. That I was good for my word.
As I sit here today I am proud of the way I handled it and glad I said what I said, really what good would it have been to ask for anything more then that.
I prayed that God would help me make the right choices as my days get shorter.

Point here! Never judge another less you want to be judged yourself.

I am Miss Bobbie Jean, with a dream of a better world for all of us.

© 2014 – 2015 Living transgender All rights reserved


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