Trying to understand my future.

As I lay next to friend sometimes I will wonder if he will miss me when I am gone? I am sure that he will know that somethings has changed around here and that I am not coming home. When I ask Jackie if I could have a new friend in my life he was not sure about all that, but it has helped me deal with everything that goes on today. Sure I got into a lot of trouble because I was trying to protect my friend but it was worth all that I endured. When we walk together is the time that I use to speech with God and him. I have found it easier to speech when we are alone.
You need to know that I am afraid of dying, just as we all should be, because the only hope that we have is for a better future in heaven. I am 64 years old and have lived in more hell then most of you will even see in the movies. I have seen where killing is a way of life and they start at a very young age, most are taught to kill before they can read or write. Some never live long enough to be able to read or write. One may ask themselves how can there be a God with all this killing and suffering going on around us everyday? Well, it is not God which is doing this, it is man kind itself. We as humans have been given the choice to live or die, to let live or to kill. The power of thinking was one of the things that God gave us to separate us from the beast. The beast only knows how to kill to protect itself.
As humans we also have the ability to care and understand the needs of others around us and it is up to us to fill those needs for our fellow man. I know that sometimes it is hard to fill those shoes which we were given to walk in, but we can do it.
The point here is that we should never stop trying to make this a better world for tomorrow because there is always a tomorrow for most.
My friend is my pet His name is Mr. Beasley and I will miss him when I have to leave this earth…….
I am Miss Bobbie Jean, and yes I still have a dream of a better place.
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